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Feeling Unsafe?

The OzAngel Program is a safety initiative to help provide a safe
environment where all women can feel protected whilst within
Bars, Clubs and Hotels.

What is an OzAngel?

In short, OzAngel is a service codeword.

The service allows women who may be in an unsafe situation
to approach bar staff and ask for an “OzAngel”. Situations could
include first dates, tinder dates who are not who they say they are
on their profile or being harassed by someone who will not take
“No” for an answer.

Asking for an OzAngel allows staff at participating venues know that you or those you are with need help. The venue staff can arrange for you to be escorted from the venue safely and discreetly with minimal fuss.




How the Service Works


Check for Participating Venues

The service is available by venues contacting us and signing on. If you are unsure about whether the venue you are going to participates in our program, check the Venues page here on our site for our current list.


Feeling Unsafe?

We all know the feeling of unease when faced with a difficult or unsafe situation, that what our service is here for. Whether a first date, Tinder date gone wrong or you're just feeling uncomfortable.

Simply approach the staff at the venue and ask for an 'OzAngel. Asking for an OzAngel lets the staff know that you need help!


What Happens Next?

Venue staff will arrange for you to be escorted from the venue safely and discreetly with minimal fuss. You don't need to talk to the person you were with or deal with someone who has approached you unannounced.


Escorts can be carried out by Bar Staff or Security given the venue’s circumstances. They can stay with you until you are able to leave, whether by your own car, a lift or Uber. 



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