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7 News OzAngel Spotlight

Women who are feeling unsafe in pubs or clubs are being offered a new way to raise the alarm without causing a fuss. Staff can help them out of any situation, if they simply request a certain "drink".

7 News - Reporter: Tayla Larsen

Tayla Larsen: "A night on the town is supposed to be fun, but some patrons don't know where to draw the line."

Senior Sgt Kelly Hanlen, Rockhampton Police: "Inappropriate touching, it could just be something that that person is saying that makes you feel uncomfortable."

Tayla Larsen: "Police say women are often too embarrassed to make an official complaint."

Senior Sgt Kelly Hanlen: "This type of behavior is most likely quite underreported to the Queensland Police."

Tayla Larsen: "Local Shell Pearce has decided to take matters into her own hands."

Shell Pearce, OzAngel Founder: "I do have young sons and I was talking to them about it and they were saying that every time they would go out, they would have to step in and help a lady out at least three times a night."

Tayla Larsen: "She's created OZAngel, a program that offers women a subtle way to report uncomfortable situations. If someone isn't feeling safe, they simple got to the bar and ask for an OZAngel."

Shell Pearce: "The staff will realise after that that they need help to exit the premise.

Courtney Creighton, Oxford Hotel: "I've definitely had girls let me know before that their date's not quite what they expected."

Tayla Larsen: "Staff will also make sure women get in a cab safely . Twenty-one businesses are on board so far and have special posters in the lady's bathroom to let patrons know they can help. Tayla Larsen, Seven news."

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