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Registering Your Venue

Looking to register your venue with the OzAngel Program?  Looking to lead the way in creating safe spaces for women across Australia? Have a look at our venue specific information and resources. Our team is here to help if you have further enquiries or are ready to register with this FREE program. 

Now you are registered...

Now that you have registered your venue with the OzAngel Program, we have a few resources just for you. Our resource pack is designed to make promoting the program as easy as possible and understanding your responsibilities as a participating venue too. 

The OzAngel Resource Pack Includes:

- A copy of the OzAngel Flyer

- A copy of the OzAngel Procedure Manual

The Procedure contains all the information you will need about the program as well as the responsibilities of the venue and data collection sheets. All venues will be listed on our Participating Venues page as well as our social media. If you require further information or would like to discuss your venue registration, please feel free to contact us via our website or on our social media. 


OzAngel Venues - How it Works


Register Your Venue

The OzAngel Program is a safety initiative to help provide a safe
environment where all women can feel protected whilst within
Bars, Clubs and Hotels.

The first step for all interested venues is to get in touch with our OzAngel team and register as a participating venue.


Your venue will be added to our lists so new information and updates can be provided as well as showcased on our website and social media.


Staff Training and Materials

The OzAngel Program relies on venue staff being aware of the code word 'OzAngel' and its meaning. 

To assist in training staff, the OzAngel Procedure Manual is free to download. All participating venues must keep a copy of the manual on site and go through the manual with all relevant staff. 

OzAngel Program flyers would be displayed within Women’s
restroom stalls or discreetly within areas that are frequently used. 


Asking for an OzAngel

Asking for an OzAngel allows venue staff to know that an individual needs help and can arrange for the Patron to be escorted from the venue safely and discreetly with minimal fuss.


Escorts can be carried out by Bar Staff or Security given the venue’s circumstances. Staff or security will stay with patron until lift, taxi or Uber has arrived if necessary.

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